Yell down

This morning, Daniel woke up yelling my name. Sweet as that sounds, I don’t like it so much. He’s a professional yeller. He learned that long before we met him. And if you don’t answer to his yells, which I usually don’t, he just gets louder. And louder. And louder.

And I’m a professional ignorer and can disregard like you’ve never seen.  But sooner or later, I get loud. And then the house is loud. And then someone’s crying, and it usually ain’t me.

So we had a rough morning. And now I’m tapped.

I’d like to send him away to an island. Well, that’d be cruel. So let me restate – I’d like to go to an island. By myself. Right now.

But the funny thing is… after all the crying of the morning, all the antics and tricks to get my attention, now he’s fine. All I did was give him food and left him alone without telling him I’m leaving him alone.  (Is that the trick?)  And he’s playing by himself, all silly. He says he needs to play some music. Wants to get married. His computer needs to be fixed. This is my hammer, but it’s not working. Oh, wait. Now he’s singing Jingle Bells. And he doesn’t want music anymore.  All nonsense. But, hey, I don’t care. Because for some reason, he sensed that I need some space right now.  So he’s letting me sit here in peace.  And I’m giving him some space and letting him play with… Wait – is that a power cord?!?

Just glad to have a little space and a little less yelling.     Now somebody bring me some more coffee, please.


4 thoughts on “Yell down

  1. So I see why you’ve not been blogging 😉 haha. We think of you guys often and pray all is well. Hi to the family!

  2. I’ve got an uncle that says getting married is like going fishing. You never know what you’ve got til you get it in the boat. I think the same is true for children. 😊

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